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Bean to Bar Chocolate

Handmade in Northwest Arkansas


Hello Cocoa was formed with two goals:
1. To craft delicious, health-conscious chocolate,
2. And to empower communities through the supply chain.

FROM BEAN TO BAR... and TRUFFLE, TEA, and more.

We've found that the greatest nuances in chocolate are found through single bean sources. So we take our carefully sourced cacao beans and craft them into many delicious forms. Bars, truffles, tea, sipping chocolate. With much more to come.

Hello, Chocolate Lovers

This place is great! I stopped by today and got to sample several different bars with a bonus mini chocolate lesson! Everyone was so nice! Great chocolate that's handmade local!!
Sara P.
I have never had chocolate that tastes so good! I love that there are so few ingredients and that it is lower in fat and calories. I will definitely be back for more!
Ashley M.
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