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Adventures in Chocolate

Posted by Lauren Blanco on

Often people ask us, "Where does the name Hello Cocoa come from?" or "How is it an adventure in chocolate?"

The truth is, our story came together in a series of adventures and moments, in the ordinary and the grandiose, in the day-to-day creative experiences that made the ordinary not so mundane, and the interactions with friends and strangers in other countries ultimately led us to “Hello Cocoa.”  

As founders of Hello Cocoa, we all love traveling, learning new languages (between us, we know Spanish, French and Arabic), and meeting new people whether locally or across the world.  Much of which was formed by a variety of our past life experiences living and traveling abroad, one of many including owners Charles’ and Lauren’s work with nonprofit organization, ForgottenSong.

We thought the name “Hello Cocoa” was a great signifier of discovering chocolate, cultures, and friends across the world – as it all starts with a simple “hello,” both to farmer and to consumer.  This is why when we had the opportunity to do a direct trade bar in Uganda, (we got to fly over and pick up the beans and sugar directly from farmers), we called it “Oli Otya,” meaning “hello” in the local Luganda language.

“Hello,” to us opens doors to adventure.  Whether we’re greeting a friend for a wine and chocolate outing, or meeting new people in travels across the world.

One of our owner's latest adventures was to Greece on a sailing trip in the South Ionian Sea. It was pure relaxation and beauty to say the least.  Let us know if you're interested in more travel details in the comments below, and we might just share some travel tips!

At “Hello Cocoa”, we strive to ignite a little adventure to the ordinary.  Over the next several weeks we’ll be exploring a blog series highlighting other cultures, travel, and most importantly cocoa.

Cheers to chocolate!

The Hello Cocoa Team


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