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Watch the latest video of our bean to bar process with our Chief Chocolate Officer, Preston.

What does "bean-to-bar" mean?

Bean-to-bar chocolate references the kind of chocolate that is made directly from the bean and fashioned into bars or other confections. At Hello Cocoa, we source beans from three different countries and highlight the delicious flavors found in the unique variety of beans.

Our three bean sources are also three species of cacao, coming from Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Uganda. 

Our Venezuelan cocoa is a Criollo species, the rarest and most delicate of cocoa species, hailing from the Ocumare de la Costa region of Venezuela.

Our Ugandan cocoa is a Forastero cocoa, the most robust and widely grown of cocoa species, and is certified organic.

Our Dominican Republic cocoa is a Trinitario bean, a hybrid between Criollo and Forastero, and is our fruitiest and most complex bean. 


We hope to source more varieties of bean in the future as we grow, and share the true adventure that is found in cocoa.

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