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Sustainability + Empowerment


At Hello Cocoa, we value sustainability.  Sustainability of the earth in the way we consume, produce and do business.  While we have a beautiful vision ahead, it's a long road to get there.  We believe that taking small, intentional steps will lead us toward our goal.  Here's how we're taking on sustainability:


  • We use non-gmo pure cane sugar.

    We believe what's good for the earth is also good for our bodies, and vice versa.  We aim to include ingredients in our chocolate that is good for our bodies and the earth.

  • We never use artificial preservatives.

    Nope.  Preservatives and chemicals with names we can't pronounce aren't only sketchy, but they also affect the taste of chocolate (or anything for that matter).  By keeping our chocolate preservative-free, we also keep our chocolate soy free.

  • There's more work to be done here. We're continually seeking ways we can be more conscious of our earth by the way we produce and consume chocolate. 




    Empowerment is a term we've adopted from our owners' experiences in the non-profit sector.  Through working in international economic development, we have internalized the inherent value of the dignity of human beings and adopted it into our business practices.


    We believe it is our job to do good and ethical business with both farmers and consumers, no matter where we meet them along the way. 

    We believe we have a role and a responsibility to impart dignity to everyone we meet, whether it's in creating valuable and long-term partnerships or upholding customer standards and being transparent with how we operate.

    By doing business with cacao distributors that uphold ethical and sustainable standards, we choose a way of business that is transparent and accountable to our international partners. And when we have the occasion to do direct trade, we seek to establish a long term relationship from which both parties benefit.

    This is a core value of Hello Cocoa, which we strive to improve upon as we continue to learn and grow.  Please feel free to ask us questions, as we are always looking for ways to be more open about how we play a role in the cacao industry, however small. 


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