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Sipping Chocolate

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Enjoy a decadent cup of European inspired "hot chocolate" made from pure chocolate shavings. That's what comes in the bag: shaved chocolate. Whisk it in to hot milk, and boom. Amazing.

Try our two varieties: Classic and Mocha.

Our Classic Sipping Chocolate is made from a 57% Dark Uganda Chocolate. Its rich, thick and chocolatey. This one is a definite classic and you can't go wrong. This chocolate does not contain milk, and can be made with milk alternatives like coconut milk or cashew milk for a dairy-free experience.

Our Mocha Sipping Chocolate is a 52% Dark Milk Chocolate infused with Espresso. It's less sweet than the classic and a bit creamier with the kick of espresso.  This chocolate contains milk, and is not vegan.

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